Monday, December 18, 2006

Christmas decorations and a neighborhood gone to pot

It seems to be more than a tradition now days. Decorate the hell out of your house for the holliday season. there is no more stringing up the lights on the roof, no, the entire roof is covered in bright lights. I don't mind the tradition, and even let my poor big d take part. I mean, as soon as it is december, I am all for christmas lights. The power company needs all the support it can get.

But what I don't get are the inflatable christmas decorations. Have you seen them? If not, you don't live by me. No really, I haven't seen so many of the cheesy things until this year. Reingdeer, big ass santas, snowmen, grinches, nativities.... Big D worded it perfectly for me the other day. Lazy. Yup, just pay the money, plug it in, and bing-o. You're festive. No fuss. Maybe a couple of tie down so it doesn't blow away.

And then there are the people who outdo everybody else on the street with everything imaginable decoration. gingerbread houses, santas, penguins, igloos, presents, trees. And everything else that would be found on kids pajamas. (why is it okay to put it in your yard, something that you would refuse to wear?) All lit up. The neighbors draw their blinds not only for the privacy from the onlooking cars, who've stopped to take a glance, but from the blinding light of gabillions of lightbulbs. The poor neighbor with his two deer and a string across his garage might as well just pull the plug. The cars driving by just laugh at his pathetic attempt at decorating.

All in all, it really does make me wonder a few things. I mean, what is it about decorating your yard that makes us happy to celebrate christmas? Is it the fact that you are overcoming the darkness that makes winter so horrible and long? Are we in competion with our neighbors to see who can be more "festive"?

Really, I am quite happy with a string of lights across my stairs and some garland. Oh and a few trees in the corner of my porch. The simplicity of it, reminds me of the season. I mean, aren't we remembering the birth of our Savior? Shouldn't that light be the one that gets us through this cold and dark time of year?

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