Thursday, March 29, 2007

Fussy's blessing

So I'm just going to assume my readers are lds, and know what I'm talking about here. Just because I've got like two minutes to blog, and I hate trying to explain it all.

So last Sunday was fussy's blessing. It was good, and bad.

the good
We got to church before it started which was a real record for us. Dumb 9:00 church with three boys kind of thing. But we made it. Nobody got lost on the way to my house. During the actual blessing, Fussy wasn't! And the big boys were really good, even with the excitement of having cousins in church with them. After sacrament meeting, nobody got lost on the way to my house. We had lots of food. My sister even showed up with her little newborn!

The bad
I firmly believe that satan controls all clocks. Before my eyes we ran out of time getting ready. I know I got up early, and with plenty of time to spare, but after getting myself and fussy bathed, kids out of bed, hair combed, fussy nursed, we were seriously pushing the limit. I was so grateful for the extra hands that showed up a bit later than I thought,to hold the baby, so I could at least put on some makeup. We got to the church before it started, but not before the "saving of seats" time. So all of the benches were taken, and we were relegated to the back with the hard chairs. Nothing hurts your bum more than an hour and 10 on cold metal chairs. Back at the house my sister showed up with her newborn and totally stole Fussy's thunder. What is cuter than a baby on his blessing day? A younger newborn. After working all Saturday to have the house looking tip top, within minutes of breaking the bread, it was a disaster. I also forgot, ran out of time, for pictures. So you will just have to imagine a beautiful baby boy looking his best in a sweet white outfit grandma gave him. Because by the time he was home, he had really pooped and it had gotten all over his white little sweater thing.

But here I go complaining again. Even after I told myself I wouldn't. Shame on me, because the most important thing about the blessing is the blessing. It was beautiful! I was so in awe at some of things that were talked about with my little baby. I think it gave me a glimpse into the rest of his life. It is a little scary too, because I really don't want to mess it up. I really felt the Spirit as Big D blessed him. I could almost see those fussy was named after, up in the circle with them. It was an amazing experience for me. I think Big D felt it too.

So after all that, even the bad, isn't bad, you know? I am so thankful for a husband who can bless his kids, for family who isn't too busy to support me, and for these wonderful kids, including Fussy.

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Maine Mom said...

How nice that Fussy wasn't fussy during his blessing :-)