Tuesday, March 27, 2007

to milk or not to milk?

Breastfeeding. Is there anything more lovely with a newborn. Not only do you get to "show off your goods" multiple times a day, you get the pleasure of knowing that you are feeding your infant the very best food there is for him.

It aint easy, is it? Ask any mom 2 or 3 weeks post partum, and they will almost always have the same answer, it sure isn't natural. There is nothing natural about the latch on of a newborn baby. It doesn't curl your toes, it freaking breaks them off. sore nipples, engorged boobies. Waking up in a puddle every morning. Moist bras. It sure isn't natural to enjoy those things.

Feeding fussy is going really well, now at least. It wasn't a few weeks ago. Not that he had troubles nursing per say, he just didn't like something in my milk. So I stopped eating. well I still ate, just nothing that had milk, eggs, wheat, soy, corn, milk, chocolate, and milk. Okay, so it was mostly just milk, and chocolate.

Now I'm not a big milk drinking by any means. I hate milk. I used it cereal, and in baking, but other than that, I pass on the big white jug. But I was floored by the amount of things that have milk in them. I mean, you can kind of figure that pudding has milk in it, and say, cheese. But chicken nuggets? Chili? Yup. All sorts of foods. Most anything that I liked, or I had in my freezer has milk in it. That takes into account the meals that I made before I had the baby to help out in times of needing a quick dinner. Lasagna, enchiladas, turkey casserole. All untouchable by me.

The sad thing(or happy thing) is that Fussy is really not so fussy anymore. I mean he is fussy RIGHT NOW, but that is because I am on the computer and he wants...you guessed it...dairy free mommy milk.

At least I could name him something different. Not such a fussy anymore. Maybe soggy???

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Vlyb said...

Now see...I didn't like milk so much to drink until I went without it for two years (and suffered through shelf milk...YUCK!) But now I drink it like it's my last glass ever. So that would be so hard for me. And dito EVERYTHING about nursing...I do NOT miss it, but I did it for my babies.

But chocolate...you gave up chocolate??? That's like a sin or something right? I know it's written somewhere.