Saturday, March 31, 2007

what's with being thin?

Like any normal woman who just gave birth, and gained a slight 50 pounds while being pregnant, I'm on a quest to loose a bit round my middle (or thighs). I have to loose one more pound before I stop being "slightly overweight" and can announce to the world that I am a healthy weight. I've been working on it ever since fussy made his exit (or entrance, depending on what side of my body you are on)

When I was pregnant though, I wanted to be healthy. I ate food, lots of good food, and some not so good food. I exercised. I still gained enough weight to technically carry twins. but I wasn't worried, at least not too much, because I knew that I could eventually loose the weight if I worked hard. To me the most important part was carrying a healthy baby.

Which I did. we got Fussy measured yesterday, and not only is doing just fine, he has gained a whopping 3.5 pounds. since birth. He's 2 months! Amazing! He is healthy and growing and I never needed to worry about him being born too early.

one of my fears in life was having a preterm baby. Or a baby stuck in the NICU for weeks on end. I have seen it with my family and a lot of my friends, and it isn't an easy road to be down. Just because you got pregnant, carried past week 30 is no guarantee you are going to bring a healthy baby home from the hospital. Add in anything different, like say multiples, and you can end up with a heartbreak or two.

A lot of this stems from the fact that women are so obsessed about what they look like, that they don't take care of their bodies. I don't really think we can trace it back to the men. I think they like us as women. It is us women that is the problem. Comparing ourselves to everyone, constantly being told that we need to watch what we eat. Skipping a meal or two so the jeans that we got will fit. It isn't healthy to us, and what are we teaching our kids.

If you are like me, you have heard what I'm ranting about a million times over. And maybe once or twice you've nodded your head in agreement. Maybe for a couple of weeks you told yourself you are not going to cut calories, just be healthy. We've heard it all from well meaning people who are sick of looking at stick and bone women and being told that is what we need to look like. But it is just so ingrained in us that we need to be thin to be pretty.

I get that, I can't change it.

But I am not okay with it when it involves more lives than yours. You can hurt your own body, but don't hurt the baby that you might be carrying, just because you buy into the fact that you have to be a size 2 to be beautiful.

Before you get your dander up about "weight isn't everything for being pregnant" know this, it does have a big impact. I know that there are women who have been healthy the entire pregnancy, but then something happens and they don't go home with the baby they carried. Weight had nothing to do about it. My point is this, if you know, if you know that something could help, why not do it?

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