Saturday, August 25, 2007

i know i've mentioned this before

about how much i love/hate walmart.

they've pulled out the big guns. twice within the last month, i've been to walmart and walked out with a freebee. the 1st time was a load of harry potter rubber bracelets that they were getting rid of. we kept sending the kids by the table to snatch them. i don't know why we wanted so many, but they were free and we collect...well, we collect junk.

the second time was just me, fussy, and chilly. i was picking up a few things. i had just strapped the boys to the cart when a really sweet, really really old guy approached my un-shy and exuberant 4 year old. i thought we were already getting kicked out, like we had our pictures up in the staff room as "banned". but the really really really old man just gave my 4 year old a package of 30 cent chewing gum. juicy fruit.

yeah, they gave a small child, a 4 YEAR OLD... GUM. the kind of gum that sticks to shoes, hair, clothes, etc. i cringed. but he was very happy. they both were. so i let chilly chew.

and just as i was forgetting why i had a ban on gum, chilly started reminding me. "look mom" as he had strings of gum across his face"my bubble popped". he dropped it, he pulled and played with it, he "washed" it, folded it into his pocket. then he handed it to me.

i hate gum.

but i do have to admit that it was probably worse for walmart than it was for me. They were handing out gum to every little kid who walked through the door. i bet the guys who clean the floor loved that one.

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Blackeyedsue said...

How fun is that! At the Wal-Mart down the street where we go, there is this little old man who walks around the store every morning giving little kids 4 quarters each. If they say thank you he gives them on more. I swear I take them there everyday so he can pay for their college tuition. Maybe I could just pay for it myself if I would quit going to Wal-Mart.