Tuesday, August 14, 2007

you really can do anything...

i remember being a small child. i remember not being able to read. we were driving in the car and i would look at all the signs and billboards and just wish i could read. i don't remember the day that i could read, but i remember not being able to.

i watch chilly now, as he is learning his letters and numbers. i can see that he is almost there in making that jump to reader. he spent the day yesterday drawing letters and making books, just like his brother. it was annoying, because while i was trying to get stuff done, every couple of minutes he came over and had me write something, or read something, or look at his picture.

of course after the 50 millionth time, i realized that he was writing what i had written, making the letters almost perfectly. i was pretty amazed myself. i mean, i know the kid is 4 and all, but i have not worked with him like i did with harry. he pretty much learned all this stuff himself.

now to me. i've been pretending i'm a runner for a couple of months now. i started running last year, before i got preggers with fussy. in fact, i do believe that running helped me get that way, but i'll save you the detailes...so yeah, since i had the babe, i've been really trying my hardest to not only get in shape, but to break the 10 minute mile. today i did it. i ran my first mile at 9:40, and my next at 9:30. i completed a 5k in just 30 minutes. i know this isn't amazing or anything, but to me it was. amazing because i never thought i could run. then i never thought i could run fast. bit here i am, running not fast like i dream of, but much faster than i did when i started.

i guess i just was thinking about how similar it is. learning to read, and learning to run. it both takes a lot of work. it both seems impossible when you start out, but with little bits everyday, you can get there. i hope everything is like that, i want to believe it is. just working hard, being persistent, and you can really do anything.

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Shelah said...

I love that post! I think that with reading and running, something just clicks at a certain point, and you're hooked!