Tuesday, August 21, 2007

waking up is hard to do

big d and i have decided to get our daily exercise done early. early am. this means i am up at 6:30, getting ready to run. this might not mean much to many of you, but for us, it's huge.

when big d and i were married, i worked part time at the library, and my earliest shift was at 10 am. big d worked downtown, and still did shows, so there were a lot of late evenings for him. i remember nights when we didn't get to bed until 2am. of course we were younger then. when we lived in nyc, it was much the same. late nights, late mornings. we'd hit our stride about 3pm.

then we got real jobs...parenting.

but still, we only occasionally braved getting up before we absolutely had to. with feeling sleep deprived anyway with a new baby, neither of us had any desire to try and function early in the day. time evolved still, 2 kids, different schedules. i remember feeling as if i were a zombie. and then three kids.

the difference, besides being used to not sleeping, is the fact that i have to get up anyway to take harry to school. so i started getting up earlier. and then it hit me, that if i got up and did my run before needing to go to school, i'd have that much more time to get things done.

but it is still hard to drag my butt out of bed before it's absolutely necessary. i must be nuts to enjoy running. i must be crazy to get out of my snuggly bed before my baby makes a peep, all in the name of torturing myself for 4 miles.


Darren said...

you rock! you've got me motivated too!

Shelah said...

welcome to the crazy club. Running-- better than drugs, lol.