Tuesday, September 04, 2007

200 posts with a disclaimer

this is post 200 for me. crazy. and in probably 99% of my posts, i've ticked someone off. or made someone feel badly. it's like i want to put up a disclaimer, you know, the kind before you see a movie on dvd. the disclaimer that "ideas and views in the commentary are not necessarily the views of (insert name of distributor here)". see, i want to add something like that to my blog. like it's not big d that feels this way, or my kids. it's just me.

because this is my blog. nobody tells me what to write here. there are days when i've had it rough, when i am feeling low, and i come here and get it out. and there are days when i just stick up a bunch of pictures that either make me happy, or make me feel good. i don't personally intend to make anybody feel badly, just like in real life, that comes with just opening my mouth.

i do have to say, that these are my feelings. you have no control over what i feel, what i experience. those are from me, and like everybody, i am trying to make my way in life. my feelings just are. i can't change what they are, and i don't ignore them. they are what they are. i choose to get my feelings hurt, you can choose the same if you want.

so without any more fuss, you can either stop reading the blog, or you can risk the fact that you might find you know me a little bit better. it's up to you. and since nobody comments anyway, i have no idea if you have really been here or not.

how's that for a non-apology?

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lackrik said...

Well I read it! ;) Just thought you would like to know. :)