Sunday, September 23, 2007

welcome fall

i'm not much for remembering the seasons. i notice when the flowers start to pop up in the spring, i get excited for the first snowfall. i am in heaven when the thermometer reaches 85. but today my 7 year old reminded me it was the first day of autumn.

i love fall. i love the change of colors from green to gold. i love that nature paints itself in such a warm pallet for such a cool season. i love halloween, i love thanksgiving. i love cool mornings and cloudy days. cinnamon rolls and peach cobbler. so many smells are associated with fall. even the smell of dust burning on the furnace the first time it kicks on.

i don't like the fact that winter is right around the corner. i'm a summer girl through and through. well, at least a three warmish season girl. i detest snow, cold, sleet, and icicles. i also hate the darkness of winter. morning and night. yuck. winter this year brings another sore. my baby will be one. i'm not looking forward to that.

it's almost as if in the fall season, the wheel is just winding up before it goes full speed down into the holidays. i wish i could stop the wheel for just a few more weeks to savor the beautiful colors, the crisp new apples, and the cool mornings.

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big d said...

amen! less winter, more autumn!