Thursday, November 08, 2007

so it begins

when harry was a baby, he got sick about january. from february to june he had one ear infection after another. we think it was just one infection that never drained, or the antibiotics never worked. eventually he turned a year, summer came, and it all evened out. i learned to use decongestants and keep him happy if he even started with a runny nose. i also gave him echinacia and alstralgus.

Chilli was a different story. his first ear infection came as a complete surprise when one afternoon, i noticed "goo" coming from out of his ear. after taking him in, we found out that his eardrum had ruptured, and the the junk came out. he was fine after, just fluid was in his ears, for like, ever. we just got his tonsils out in may, along with a marion g romney (myrongotomy) to slice open his ear drums. we were about an inch away from doing the whole tube things. he seems fine now.

poor fussy. sometime during the car ride this afternoon, his eardrum exploded. blood everywhere. i'm not really making this up. at least there was a fair amount of blood where there usually isn't, coming out of his ear. the first thing i thought was "CRAP, he conked his head really hard this morning" then it hit me..."runny nose, fussier than normal. i bet he has an ear infection". so after making it home, finding the dr. finding someone to watch the other yahoo kiddos, waiting in the crowded office for an hour, the dr. told me what i knew already..."he has an ear infection"


at least i kind of know what to expect, right? i hate hate hate ear infections. they scare me. i can't imagine how they feel for the poor babies, much less how to help them. so i did the popular thing to do, i got the drugs. i hope that he tolerates them well. i hope they make the bad bugs go away. i hope the fluid drains out so that the infections can stop. i hope for a lot.

i attribute all ear/tonsil problems to my husbands family. MY side never EVER had any of these kinds of problems. and of course none of these problems would exist right now if big d weren't crazy busy at work, right? so not only am i stressed, worried, worn out, i'm doing it solo! don't worry. i'll get my baby nice and healthy for big d to be home.

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