Thursday, November 08, 2007

happy birthday!

to my niece. i hope you don't mind if i post a few pictures of the girl. it is kind of weirding me out that she is 14 years old. i remember seeing her on the ultrasound! she is such a great kid too. she tells me that she doesn't think i'm old. maybe she is just being nice, but it doesn't matter. i'm pretty sure she thinks i'm nuts, but she will still im with me. she shares campy vampire literature with me too! i'm a lucky auntie.

so happy birthday girl. sorry i couldn't go out with you tonight. believe me, it sounded wonderful. bring me back some salsa please! i love you and hope your birthday is great.

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Kelsey-boo said...

oh wait im supposed to post up here too. lol i'm still tryin to get used to this! i barely remember your wedding. the lagoon one i recognize though. the moss thing wasn't to long ago! lol fun memories.