Wednesday, November 14, 2007

just a couple of things...

First:chilli has been anxious to play with friends all week. i think the fact that brother went back on track at school has something to do with it. however excited he is though, he probably will not be going back to the next door neighbors house. his little friend there decided to beat him with a stick. apparently. he is bruised and bloody and i think a chat with neighbor child (aka spawn of satan) is probably in order. poor kid.

B. fussy is mobil. much more than he has been. he doesn't crawl, but more scoots. on his bum. i've been waiting for him to crawl for a while. not really in a good way, but in a "boy we are in trouble when he crawls" kind of way. we have 3 sets of stairs in our house. three. and dog food.

he loves the dog food dish and insists on drinking the water from it. flat faced. he does this in the tub too. it is pretty freaky to see my baby face down in the water. he loves to be with his brothers too. although i think they get a little tired of him.

and three ( i know i said couple, but it's my blog) , the show opens on FRIDAY. thank goodness. i've never been a good single parent. and even though big d will still be working crazy hours, we might actually see him before the door hits him on the way out. the kids might remember who he is! and if we get surprise visitors, we might actually be able to hang out with them.

and what's a blog post without a couple of random pictures??

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Kelsey-boo said...

i'm sorry to hear about chilly. he can come over anytime after 4 and we'll entertain him.