Saturday, November 24, 2007

i had totally meant to do a thanksgiving post. on my early run on thanksgiving, i went sans ipod and thought of all the things i'm thankful for. my family was pretty much top on the list. big d, my kids, my parents, running shoes, you know, yada yada yada...

not to pass over my favorite holiday without much fuss, but you know, been there done that. thanksgiving dinner at my parents was the same...delicious. more food than you could ever eat. we tried, we darn near busted our guts, but we failed. meemer mom is an excellent cook. family was together and gracious. pleasant afternoon in all. i am very thankful for that.

and now it's over.


the christmas season has begun.


the time of year that involves stressing over what to buy everyone, stressing over what's left in the checking account, and stressing over making sure we "do" all the fun things. stressing over sharing times with each family. stressing over lighting the house with a billion fancy twinkle lights. stressing over finding that freaking bumblebee transformer that is on both of my older boys christmas list. stressing what to bake. stressing over where to put the tree. stressing over what to do for neighbors, teachers, the milkman.

i've a headache that started thursday night, and i assume it will be with me until january 2nd.


big d said...

amen! the christmas season it about six weeks too long. it starts before halloween now! it should start on december 1, and no one should be allowed to buy anything until after thanksgiving! maybe i should post, since i'm rambling on here.

Blackeyedsue said...

Um...ditto. That my friend, is why I have dropped off the face of the earth.

See ya some time in January!!!

Kelsey-boo said...

yeah but at least thanksgiving was somewhat fun. you reach the age when you dread christmas i think around fourteen. i wish it was further away than it is. what person put three holidays within a month of each other? crazy old dead people.