Tuesday, April 01, 2008

raising geeks

as of this minute, right now, my kids are all absorbed watching "Star Trek, the movie". big d started watching it last weekend during a treadmill run. harry and chilly are now obsessed with star trek. they insisted that they watch it.

yesterday harry built lego starships almost all day. he got big d's star trek book and tried to copy the pictures. he did a good job too.

when we stopped at walmart to get some stuff, we walked by the video games, in which harry noticed a star trek game for x box. forget the wii, now he's pining for the game and an xbox.

geeks or nerds?

i guess i should add that at my request, we did watch a star trek movie from the good crew. but that isn't geeky, that is just good tv.


Swainston Family said...

Nerds or Geeks? How about just awesome!
Star Trek, Legos, and video games; sounds like a full day to your awesome cousin :)

big d said...

the good crew!?! i like tng too, but don't talk smack about tos! campy? yes. low-tech? yes. (it was 40 years ago!) it was pioneering, empowering, visionary, etc.

i know i'm a geek, and still like tng best, but the purist geek in me has to defend tos. how else would we have:

"live long, and prosper."

"dammit jim. i'm a doctor, not a bricklayer!"

and, of course, captain kirk mackin' on bald alien women... ok, bad example.

Meemer said...

lol. i love you!