Tuesday, June 17, 2008


i have seasonal allergies. (wait, this is sounding like a commercial) anyway, about the first week of june, i am in misery. well, almost always. for the past two years i have been spared. something about being pregnant, and something about full time nursing, seems to spare my body from going into crazy allergy mode. since i am not nursing full time anymore, nor am i preggy, well, i have allergies. i think i said that already.

double edge sword huh? i am still nursing. my boy still loves his mama's milk. i haven't really taken anything. but again, i have allergies and they are miserable, or i am miserable. my allergies seem to be whatever. so i went to the walmart and found me some meds. NOTE: i have tried the non medication route. i totally netti-potted myself. i poured water into my nose. that was really weird. aside from feeling like i was in the bottom of a pool, it didn't help THAT much. i couldn't find any stinging nettle. and i can't NOT be outside.

again, i went to the walmart and got myself some drugs. i was amazed at the selection. there was lots of little cards everywhere. i guess allergy medicines need a pharmacy guy to regulate them. maybe because you can make meth with it?? i dunno, but i think it's weird. and lame, because there were a lot of people waiting for perscriptions and junk. SO i picked up myself some zyrtec because i had found out before hand (thank you internet) that it was the best for nursing moms. i came home and took a pill.

besides ibuprophen and tylenol, i have weird reactions to meds. they all make me sleepy. even non drowsy will send me to sleepy land. i usually half a dose, no matter what. well, this zyrtek is a 24 hour pill, so i couldn't really half the dose. i guess i could have, but i was really miserable.

again, i took the pill. again, i am a bit sleepy, but nothing more than i usually am. no, this time, i feel kinda funky. like my hands are not connected. nor my feet. i feel weird. i feel okay allergy wise. my mouth is still kinda itchy, but i did have pineapple for dinner. i'm kinda tingly. i'm kinda...lost.

i know this is sort of disconnected, but that is how i am feeling. like the world is a bit foggy, and i am sort of rowing through it.

so if you have any suggestions about allergies, let me know. or leave a reply. or don't. whatever.


big d said...

you told me you were feeling kinda weird... after reading this, i think i have a better understanding of how you're feeling!

Swainston Family said...

I have allergies, also. I also tried Zyrtec. It knocked me out. I could barely keep my eyes open. I've tried Claritin, and the ones like that. They don't make me sleepy, but also don't work as well. I think I'm going to have to head back to the Dr. for prescription Allegra. It seems to be the only thing that works, and lets me stay awake, also. (No this was not meant to be an advertisement.)