Wednesday, June 04, 2008

weekend update...on wednesday...

so many things, so much fussy time. i feel i haven't blogged in a week or more. but alas, i was here a couple of times, i just never actually had time for my thoughts to flow. i'm going to try it now.

here goes


friday was nuts. i was trying to get ready for chilly's birthday bash. i was making cake, finding party things. and fussy was sick. not like really sick, but stuffy, gooey, fussy sick. the kind that makes sleep hard to come by and happiness even more so. anyway, since chilly's birthday party was star wars themed, and since his actual birthday presents were all ebayed, i was having a hard time finding what i wanted. what i wanted was something to top cupcakes and find a freaking c3po. i eventually found the c3po at walmart (who knew?) and i sort of found cupcake toppers. i totally made a darth vader cake. which rocked. then we all chipped in and cleaned like crazy cleaning monkeys. for the rest of the night.


saturday was nuts. big d and i had an easy 5 miler. and we totally left the older boys at home. by themselves. is that bad? but we got our run in together, which is always nice. then big d got the forgotten ice cream and balloons, and i cleaned again, stared was birthday time! we patiently waited for out guests. chilly handed out invitations to his birthday party on his last day of preschool, about a week and a half previously. i was nervous that no one would show up. we were thrilled when his cousins who live right behind us showed up. and then another kid showed up. that was it. i was disappointed, but chilly was fine. he had fun. we partied, made darth vader masks, had pool noodle light sabers, ate cupcakes, played memory, and stick the atm on vaders' chest. it was a blast. and chilly totally loved his presents. he got lots of star wars dudes and ships (the whole ebay thing). he was pretty pleased.

an awesome y wing and another geeky star wars ship that i don't know the name of.
and everyone loved the black frosting. including fussy

after the party, we sort of cleaned up, and then i went on another run. i was supposed to do 2 more 5 milers, but i decided, since it was totally chilly's birthday, that i would just do 10 miles and call it good. the problem was, it was probably the hardest 10 miles i have ever done. and i was tired. did i mention fussy was sick?

then it was another shower, and off to get dinner of happy meals. then we came home and watched a movie, decompressed. it was all good.

sunday was nuts. i totally got up and made another birthday cake for my niece. i really didn't want her to feel bad that i made this awesome darth vader cake and nada for her. so i made a cake with a pink unicorn on it. i made a mess of my kitchen, ended up being late for church. then at church, i unintentionally stayed after because i was in nursing fussy and talking "murray louis" with one of my friends in the mothers room. we had no idea church had been over for 15 minutes. rushed home, threw everything in the van, and went to my sissy's house to do a combined birthday party for her youngest and my chilly pants. easier on g-pa and g-ma, right? after feeling totally inadequate at the wii ,we decided to go home.

poor fussy took a header off the cement steps and goosegged his rather egg shaped head. looks good huh? you should see him today.

then we came home and put the kiddies to bed. and wondered where the weekend went. unfortunatly i didn't get a pic of the other cake, or playing wii or anything else on sunday. sorry.


Laurel said...

That cake looks awesome!

Katie said...

Yeah, really good job on the cake. Once I ate black frosting and later I pumped out grey milk. Isn't that neat? Hey, we're coming to Utah on wednesday. Wanna catchup?

Meemer said...

yeah! grey milk and katie with lil baby. i'm so there. time and place babe?

One Crazy Family said...

Thanks for the great unicorn cake and coming over to play. the kids have such fun and it is nice to spend time with you and big d. It is nice to have you closer even though we don't seem to get together much. You are the best!

Swainston Family said...

That is a supremely AWESOME cake!! I can't wait for our kids to get old enough to enjoy such geekery!

Poor Fussy. Looks like he's got a big "D" on his head. Our little'un recently took a header onto his juice cup, resulting in a nice "C" goose egg on his forehead.