Tuesday, June 24, 2008

happy birthday harry dear

so, the good news is, i have an 8 year old.
the bad news? well, now we have an incredible amount of star trek toys.
yeah, someone got spoiled. thank goodness for buying collectables from ebay!!!
harry is such a great kid. most of the time. he went to school on his birthday, came home and i hadn't done a thing. i'm still in recovery mode. i went to the store to get a cake mix, buy some balloons and wrapping paper. pretty much everything that could go wrong did. poor big d and i had a really frustrating day. but harry was just happy to have his birthday. he never complained that his balloons all popped, or that his cake wasn't cool, or anything.
my parents and my sister and her family came over and we had pizza, played around, opened presents and all around had a fun time. it was layed back and just great. he was so happy with all his presents, and i'm excited for next weekend when he gets baptized.


Anonymous said...

You are grate you do wonderful things you make me very happy to be your father .

Love Dad

One Crazy Family said...

Harry is a great kid. I am glad he liked his presents. It was fun just being us and thanks for swimming today. You are the best

Megan said...

Aaaah! You have an 8-year-old. Crazy! He looks so cute and excited about his Star Trek stuff. Happy Birthday!