Sunday, November 30, 2008

top ten reasons thanksgiving is better than christmas

10. while they are out there, you don't see as many blow up yard decorations for thanksgiving. people go crazy around here with them. and while that is nice and all, and really, what do i care how tacky your yard looks. maybe if the blow ups looked like what they are trying to represent? if they didn't look so doofy, maybe my opinion would be different.

9. thanksgiving has no annoying music. i mean, you CAN play christmas music, but you don't have to. thank goodness, because if you did, we'd have to start, what, in july?

8. lack of presents. christmas is so overdone. thanksgiving is much more relaxed. i mean, you do have to do some major cooking/baking, but you don't have to buy presents for your niece, your second cousin, or the milk man.

7. for thanksgiving, you don't have some strange fat guy upstaging everything that is important. really, who invited him? and why doesn't he use the door? sure he brings stuff for the kids, but they really already have too much.

6. thanksgiving lasts one day. while technically christmas does too, it just seems like the whole month of december is full of christmasy things to do. by the actual date of christmas, i am pretty bored with it all.

5. christmas doesn't have a dorky parade. while i know this might be something in favor of christmas, really it isn't. big d and i love the macey's thanksgiving day parade. i think it holds a special place in our heart, ever since the year we actually attended. in the rain. sadly, we left new york before we could appreciate anything christmasy the city offered.

4. uh, food! thanksgiving isn't full of questions on what to serve. you serve turkey! and potatoes and yams and stuffing. if you want to add other stuff, that is fine. but you always have turkey. its wonderful to look forward to a special meal. if you don't like something, you can stay way, and you know there will be plenty of food.

3. simplicity, thanksgiving is one meal. you can make it as short or as long as you like. you can eat and then snuggle while watching a movie.

2. thankfulness. i think christmas sells us short. we spend time and money on buying presents that we know will make others happy. we give to the needy (hopefully). we spread good cheer. but thanksgiving is the time when we should focus on what we are grateful for ourselves. no matter what we have. giving is great and wonderful, but being thankful without being broke, is better. it just is.

1. traditions. it seems like everyone has a special thanksgiving tradition. whether it be playing games around the table after, watching football, running in a turkey trott. it is about doing things together with your family. while we were driving down the freeway, on the way to my parents house, i looked at the other cars and realized that most of the people traveling were doing the same thing i was. they were going somewhere to be with people and eat turkey. it kind of connected me to everybody. it's llike a common thread that we can all related too.

i know that my reasons for loving this holiday are probably silly and weird, it is true. thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. the night before i expressed to big d that i was upset that it was already here. we looked at me funny and told me i was weird. he knew how much i looked forward to that day. but he knew why, because now it is over. and we have a whole 'nother year to look forward to it.


lyn said...

Happy Thanksgiving!! I have to admit I was a little dismayed when I saw my neighbors putting out the cheesy Christmas decorations. Oh - and the same neighbors with wooden santa/ho-ho-ho's also had wooden turkeys, complete with the pig tied up and a turkey holding a sign saying "free ham" haha

Swimmingmom said...

I loved this post. Sometimes I feel like there's such a rush for Christmas that Thanksgiving gets skipped over.

Tim and Vicky Porter said...

My daughter Calli calls it "lawn vomit"... I loved this post! Thanks for being thankful! :) by the way I was going through my old pictures and found one of you and me right after Amber was born. You were so cute! :)

The black sheep said...

For real, why doesn't he used the door? because he's breaking and entering with intent to steal! In my hood, that gets you shot, or attacked by a pit bull. Or in my case hungry stray cats that multiply like grimlins....what a farce! But It is the one day a year when I can be considered jolly and not fat.

SHUI said...

Of coarse Thanksgiving is the best when you have such an amazing family like us getting together to gorge on Turkey!!! Yeah.

Megan said...

I totally agree. Thanksgiving always seems just as special as Christmas, but without all the expense. The blown-up lawn decorations really get me too. Our neighbors have a Christmas Sponge Bob. Seriously?!!