Wednesday, February 04, 2009

everyday i come to my blog. almost every day i try to think of something worth while to blog about. since i decided to take a break, i haven't been able to have one good blogging thought come into my head.

it's weird how that works. because i wasn't really consistent, and i blogged about a bunch of lame things. but now, lame doesn't even pop into my head.

the first week, i had a couple of thoughts, mostly grumpy ramblings. but now, nothing. it's like the inner blogger has been silenced. or maybe i'm just tired.

i guess it's like doing math homework, the more consistent you are, the better your brain works. hopefully if i get back into the swing of things, i can remember why i started this whole thing anyway.

as for the news:

fussy did turn two. and i need a new name for him. maybe something like "stinky", because he always is. maybe "yes-he-is-still-nursing" or maybe "terror of his brothers". maybe "doesn't sleep through the night yet".

his birthday was lame too. not only did we have a party planned and bought for, he came down with this really crappy sick that prevented sleep, cleaning, or fun family gatherings. he did get a present, but i didn't wrap it. i just sort of threw it at him during a temper tantrum.

now i have his cold, and his sunny disposition.

as for the rest of us, the big boys are still off track. meaning they are fighting hourly, messing up the house, and begging for food. that is about to end though, with the beginning of next week. and then i can go back to the quiet house for at least a couple of hours during the day. (and the three trips to the school)

and curse the groundhog. i am still praying for an early spring.


Anonymous said...

sorry you've had sickies at your house. I'm just now getting over a cold. And glad to see you blogging.

The black sheep A.K.A Pandora said...

I missed you!!!!! even sick and cranky I like to hear about your life.:) Kisses cuzin.

Tantalum said...

Glad to have you back, cuz! Your blog is always fun to read, even the occasional grumpy ramblings :)

Stacy said...

Glad you are back! I need to be better at reading & posting... I am trying to update my own blog so maybe that will help. Phone calls are just too inconvenient most of the time. This way I can still feel somewhat connected. ;)