Wednesday, February 11, 2009

meemer's thought for the day.

life is like a set of never ending rolling hills. i'd say it was like a roller coaster, but that is so overdone. so rolling hills it is.

anyway, on our hill journey, we come to valleys and vistas. each with their own set of problems. i for one hate the journey to the top as much as i hate actually running up hills. yet we still have to do them, right. like being pregnant for 9 months. it's killer when you want the baby right now.

and of course the drive to the bottom is always faster with gravity as our help.

and running down hill isn't as easy as i once thought. truly, on the wasatch back race i did last year, one of the hardest parts, besides puking and not sleeping, was running down that hill. most likely because my chest was full of baby milk and any sort of jiggling was torture...but i digress

back to the hills and valleys of life.

you never know REALLY where you are. it good be a great hill, or a great valley. you can't compare the future, ya know? so you have to take each day as it comes and hope you are getting the best part. and when it sucks, like today does for my family, then i have to assume that the once thought hill is really a big deep valley. but it works, right?

it's like throwing my shirt over the display on the treadmill, sometimes it's good not to know how close to the bottom we are. or how far from the top. sometime we are just trying to enjoy the downhill as much as the uphill. hoping that we can get a minute to take in the view every once in a while.


Angela said...

i hope i will learn to appreciate the hills and the valleys...cause i've noticed that the things i thought were hills...have become valleys compared to what i'm going through now...and maybe what i think are hills now...are really just valleys compared to what is ahead...

which means i just better keep running and loving it! and if i can't love it...just be glad i can't see up ahead :o) and sometimes the hills start to feel sort of a painful way...

Megan said...

I always love your perspective. Thanks for this post. Sorry about the valley, though.