Thursday, July 30, 2009

what's happened to me?!

it's not like i'm sleeping any longer at night. or that i really have any more energy during the day. maybe i'm not running like crazy training for anything? maybe it's just because while missing two kids at school, there is a lot more stuff i can get done during the day.

i totally made salsa. i totally grated about 50 pounds of zucchini. then i made zucchini bread x8. i've deep cleaned the pantry, the fridge, and i'm working on the other cupboards.

what is wrong with me? besides being sorta homemakery, i'm turning into my mom. (which, i hope she takes that as a compliment, cuz you know, she rocks).

over the past couple of years, i really have never thought i would be able to keep up on housework. i thought i would always be lacking in that department. i mean really, 3 boys. 3 destructive boys! it's been hard to keep up on the laundry much less do anything else. but there is some sort of freedom with only having to worry about what #3 is doing. there is freedom in not having to go to the school 3 times a day.

and even better, is when i can get fussy down for a nap at 1, and the kids walk home and aren't home until 4. fussy can sleep for however long he wants and nobody will wake him up. making it much easier for me to get stuff done.

so now i get it. now i understand why women all go out to the park days, or out to lunch, or go shopping. i get how you can keep the house clean(er) and still have time for you.

i can't imagine what it's going to be like in 4 years when fussy goes to first grade!

*****************edited to add*************************

never feel too good about what you are doing. while i was writing this post on how nice it was only having to worry about one child, this same child, took an entire NEW jar of fish food and fed the fish. granted most of them were dead anyway, but it made me realize that you can never be too vigilant when you have a 2.5 year old.


Anonymous said...

I was thinking, "I'll be like that soon" (I'll have three kids gone from 8am-3pm starting in Aug) Then I read your edit and LOL b/c that would so happen to me.

Flutterbug said...

You are so totally amazing, but yes, I agree with the 2.5 year old, you can never be too vigilant, especially when it is a boy.

Lisa Curtis said...

HAHAHA!! I had to laugh!
T is going to preschool in a few weeks so I'll be all alone for 3 hours a day!! CRAZY!

A said...

My mom has a book, and now I can't remember what it is called. It is about a boy that feed his fish too much, and the fishes gets humongous!!! Moral of the story: only feed the fish a pinch. ;)