Tuesday, September 22, 2009


it's about time.

it's about speed.

it's also about not getting hurt.

those heavenly and frustrating "rest" days.

but mostly, it's about doing the best you can for you. even if you don't go as fast as you used to. or you have a kid who screams and wants to "go home". it's about taking an hour for myself, even if i'm not by myself. even if i don't push myself, i am pushing myself to get out there. that is what it's about. being able to stop and watch the hawk eat a mouse, or see the fish in the pond, or watch the horses. seeing the occasional woolly bear cross the trail. it's about sweating and thinking. it's about planning the menu, or the grocery list, what to paint. or what to blog about. feeling good, even if i don't look that way. making up stories to tell to my kids. watching waterfalls. chasing ducks and cats. stopping at the castle, or the llamas, or feeding the baby goats. it's also about seeing the same people and saying hi. watching the same dogs chase my dog. running the same streets and watching people come and go. it connects me to where i am, and who i am, and what i want to be.

even if i never run as fast as i want to. or as far.

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