Tuesday, September 15, 2009

so it's september

i am sad that september is half over
because if i had my way
summer would last a lot longer
from march to november
with a christmas snow
and then an early spring
and maybe a month of fall
in reality
i love fall
because it cools off
it winds down
the days are shorter
the night lasts longer
like going back to bed
crawling under blankets
and snuggling down
the trees
the mountains
the harvest
if only fall lead to spring
and not to winter
because for me
winter is like dying


Laurel said...

fall is so perfect-- but i also hate that it leads to winter. winter really is death.

big-d said...

winter is isn't "like dying."
winter IS dying.

cold, dark, trapped indoors, really cold, risking your life on the icy roads, freezing cold, lack of sunlight, etc.

the only thing good about winter might be:
guitar hero

Megan said...

I really like this. Especially the part about crawling under the blankets and snuggling down. That's exactly what it's like for me. You are one talented writer and stuff.

Megan said...

And I hadn't visited your actual blog in so long (I usually just your feeds through Google Reader), this is the first of I've seen of your happy pepper. I love it. It makes me happy just lookin at it!

Angela said...

winter is awful. i concur.