Tuesday, September 29, 2009

i received a magazine the other day, just in time for christmas shopping. i was looking at the toy kitchens. i always wanted a toy kitchen growing up, maybe i'm projecting that onto my kids. anyway, you know what i found? that every single one of the kitchens in this fancy shmancy kid catalogue were pink. PINK.

i don't know anyone in real life that has a pink kitchen.

you know where i am going with this, right? good, then i don't have to go there.
*walks away shaking my head in disgust*


big-d said...

like when second son really wanted a vacuum, and the only way we could find one was to brave the "pink" aisles at toysrus?

at least you can get pink power tools...

Laurel said...

I heart this post!! I got Dallin a MAN kitchen last year for his birthday, but I had to look everywhere for that stupid thing. And when I was leaving the store (with Dallin in the cart) the lady asked me how old my daughter was, while pointing to the kitchen. So dumb.