Thursday, December 10, 2009

it's been a rough week for harry. he is a genius. well, not really. but he's really really smart. he reads like crazy, writes like an author. the only problem he has is math. and it's not like he's not smart in it, just that it doesn't come easy.

he spent last week being defiant about his homework. he told his teacher he'd turn it in this week. he's spend the week on this weeks' homework, not doing either. he turns it in on friday.

so i sat down with him (he won't let me help unless he asks) and we toughed it out. we worked like crazy on long division. i went to my basketball game, harry came with me. when the other team didn't show up, we sat on the chairs and worked on long division more. page after page we worked. and you know what? it started to click with him.

i think i almost understand why teachers do the job they do. it was an awesome feeling when he looked at me, knowing how to do it. he went from "this is stupid and i hate it" to "hey, this is kinda fun" to "i totally rock at long division". it was a very rewarding experience for me, and i think harry felt a lot better about himself. plus, i think it helps us. you know, the whole, mom and son thing. i don't know how to explain it, just that, even though i was bored, tired, annoyed, by long division, it was totally worth it to see him "get" it. i am really proud of him for working so hard, and i'm a little bit proud of me for figuring it out too.


Robin said...


Your boys have the best mom in the world.


The Tifa said...

I was never really good at math either, but it's nice when you have someone who you can work with to help you understand it.

Megan said...

Good work! To you and Harry! You are a great mom.

Trisha said...

I have meant to post a comment earlier, on the body art post, because your boy is truly a artistic genius as well! He is so creative! He's lucky to have you, Meemster.
And Basketball!!! Do you remember Mr. Max coaching our elementary team? What a patient man! I love you.

Katie said...

Wow - that is really cool. Good job.

Grandpa & Grandma said...

Way to go, Marinda! So glad he caught on. Sometimes that's all it takes .... a little one-on-one. And yes, you did get a glimpse of some of the "rewards" teachers get. Good job!!!