Wednesday, December 16, 2009

random bits of life

i'm cold all the time, so i put flannel sheets on the bed. they have snowflakes and polar bears pictured on them. my question is, if the sheets are supposed to be so warm, why don't they have pictures of cacti and sand dunes and desert landscapes?

the other day, my sister said "hello gorgeous!" to fussy. he turned around and said "i'm not gorgeous, i'm batman"

the boys were talking about digging a deep hole in our backyard. harry mentioned that it would probably flood and be full of water. chilli said that it was okay, the dog could just drink out of it.

the boys have been sledding after school every day. they seem to have a tolerance for cold and snow only when they are speeding down the hill on what big d calls "suicide saucers"

fussy's had 2 favorite movies right now. "edward scissor hands" and "annie". he also loves that commercial for the gap, that features the girls doing a chear like thing about the boots.

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