Sunday, December 20, 2009

today, as we sat down to dinner, a knock came at the door. fussy jumped right up and yelled "SANTA CLAUS!!", and ran for the door.

fussy keeps asking me every day what santa is going to bring him. i have to answer with "what did you ask him for?" and he tells me "a little elephant". we have this exchange probably 3-4 times each day. almost as many times as the whole "what's your name momma?...."

every time fussy sees a christmas tree or any kind of christmas decoration, he yells "CHRISTMAS!" and begs me to look and see.

if i weren't such a scrooge myself, i would be having an awesome christmas time. really though, it's gonna be a fun. if we can last the rest of the week.


Laurel said...

Dallin's request was "a little gray car." wth!

Lee said...

That's hilarious! You gotta love kids!