Monday, February 27, 2006


He doesn't sleep in his bed. He starts out that way, just like every other normal kid. But around 2-4 am, he sneaks in bed with me. Sneaks. I just weaned him a couple of months ago, so I think he is still in the habit of "needing" me. He enjoys rubbing my tummy as he sleeps. It is his soothing method since he weaned. It's okay. It would be a lot better if my tummy were rub worthy. But since his amazing birth (another story for another time), my tummy isn't quite the size, or skin tone it used to be. A fact that my beautiful child reminds me often. "mommy, your belly is squishy". Whereupon he is squeezing my belly into a fist and running across the room with it.

Ah Chilly! My second born. I love your brown eyes, and your exuberant laugh. I love your positive attitude for life, and your joy in finding the day. Your morning smile is what helps me out of bed. And the fact that you have already got out of bed and are still holding my flesh.

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