Wednesday, February 22, 2006


We are all sick today. We all wanted to cuddle in my nice warm bed until the germs all went away. We were happy, it was warm. We had the remote for the TV, and we were content to watch Arthur for the billionth time this week.

So what happened??? GUILT. Harry wanted to stay home from school, cuddle in bed. That sounded too good. So I decided to do it. But wait. He is a kindergartener now. If I let him stay home today, what is to say that he will learn that all he has to do is cuddle with mom in her bed, make her sleepy enough to not want to take me, tell her a weak story about how I don't' feel good, then BAM, he never has goes to school again. That is how I did it, my friends. I was a genius about missing school. Is it bad that I think my innocent 5 year old has the same mentality and ability??

So I got up, got him dressed, fed and off to school we went. It was cold, it was hard, I am still tired. I have to be the mom here, even though the 5 year old in me doesn't understand. But Harry is at school and C-dog has been sufficiently drugged and is asleep on the couch. When I finish this, I'm off to cuddle. But only for a short time, I've have to pick Harry up in a half hour.


Rachelle said...

Get feeling better soon!

ShelahBooksIt said...

we did the stay home and hang out thing yesterday. It was such a nice change of pace!