Saturday, February 18, 2006

Pink or Blue?

I'll tell you what color I don't like. My mom always wanted me to wear it. We had a house of 4 girls, you would think that I would appreciate it, BUT I don't like pink. I think my mom liked it enough for all 3 of her daughters. I just don't like it. At least I didn't like pink when I was a child, or teenager, or young mom. I just thought it was...I don't know...girly.

I liked blue. Now blue is a nice color. Calming, serene. I must admit that blue was my favorite color, usually.... most times. Green was okay too. I had a quilt that my mom made for me that was lime green. It had a cat design stitched in the middle with green picos on the edge. I loved that quilt! It was my one true snuggly. Of course, as every love story goes, it disappeared one day, only to be seen months later as a dust rag. Is it any wonder that I hate the smell of pledge??

Brown, white, black, purple, I have loved all these colors in my day. Personality wise, I sure enjoy the color yellow, but it really looks horrible with my olive skin tone. Red is just a little aggressive for me, but when I am feeling spunky, I enjoy using it.

Does blue really mean boy and pink really mean girl?? Now I have TWO little boys and I am married to a boy( good thing too). The only other girl in my house is my dog, and she hangs out with the boys. I have come to appreciate the color pink. I might even go so far to say that I enjoy wearing pink.

Is it because I am a lone girl in a house of boys? Or is it because I have matured some? Do I really see the beauty of womanhood and am I trying to embrace it? Have I come to understand and respect the true nature of a mother, gentle and kind? That quiet nobility?? I like to think so. Of course it could be just be that I have nothing else to wear.

Or it could mean something deeper, something more profound. I want a girl. Yup, a little girl I can dress up in pink ribbons, pink shoes, pink tights. Yeah, I'm going to need a baby. A nice little calm girly baby. My boys just don't look good in pink.


MusicalMom said...

It took me until now to like the color pink. With my third girl--who is now almost one--I can finally embrace the color.

big d said...

there's nothing wrong with pink. you are a girl after all.