Monday, February 27, 2006

year round school

I love it and hate it.

Harry is off from school for 3 weeks. 3 weeks of sleeping in. 3 weeks of lazy mornings. 3 weeks of not worrying if he has to take his homework back, or 100 pennies to school etc... Oh the joy, oh the bliss...... And what mother doesn't have intelligent things planned for this "off" time. "We'll go to the dinosaur park, and we'll go skating. I'll get his bike out and he can learn to ride without training wheels. I keep up his reading, and writing, and start him doing more math"...

Of course, there is also a down side to this tiem off. I have a school aged child, who is not in school. He has been used to being scheduled, worked, bossed around. He has had stickers, and charts, treats and FRIENDS. I am so not that way.

I love the challenge of keeping him occupied (do I?). I love seeing him learn and understand new things every day. But I was never cut out to be a teacher. I've got no patience. And him being home, it isn't like this is new to me. He's only been in school for 6 months! And he isn't even gone for a whole day. IT'S ONLY 3 HOURS THAT HE IS GONE! Why does the thought of him staying home every day fill me with dread?

Am I up to the challenge? I guess I'd better be, I sure can't handle 6 hours of pbs kids.

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