Wednesday, April 05, 2006

Earthquake+fire drill?

We went to Harry's Parent Teacher conference yesterday. Or is it SEP's? Well whatever they are called now...He is amazing and smart and all that. Did he get that from me, obviously not.

Wanna know why? Well, while we were at the conference, his lovely teacher asked me if I was doing anything today. Honestly? I couldn't think of anything except the usual, read book, eat bon bons, watch the soaps (yeah right). So I asked her what she needed. I'm thinking she wanted me to come in and do a party for her, since I must be the "PARTY" mom? No, she corners me into coming in and substituting for her while she goes to a meeting. What? You want me to come in and watch (babysit) the kindergarteners. So I say okay. See, not all that bright. It would only be for an hour, what can happen in an hour? Did I mention I am not the most intelligent person.

So back to this morning. I drop off Harry at school, run home and do some "stuff" for about a half hour, then I book it back to school to watch the kids.

Fine right?

well not so much.

They decided that an earthquake drill would be a good idea.

Do I know what to do in an earthquake? Sure...Run like hell for cover. Fine, the kids are cool, the intercom is making a hilarious rumbling sound. Lots of laughing, but the kids are doing well. They have found cover under their tables, and they have their arms over their heads to protect them in case the table falls on them. Then comes the not-so-fun part, the fire drill.

Did the powers that be realize it was freezing cold and raining like crazy when they pulled the alarm? Apparently not. Do you you think 18 six year olds enjoy being outside, soaking wet while Mrs. Harry (me) has no idea what the heck the procedures are? Not so much! Thankfully Mrs. C was done with her meeting in time to come and run the kids through.

So back to me (is there any other topic?) Seriously, it brought back very bad memories of being in elementary school. Does anyone else still freak out at fire drills? I'm going to be 29 years old and I had tears in my eyes while we were "escaping" from the building. I think it might have gotten worse now that I am a mom. The thoughts of everything that could happen to my kids at school, and that I would probably not be there to help out, kind of freaked me out.

That and the fact that it was rainy, cold, windy, and I had a freezing Chilly on my hip.



big d said...

i must be old. our earthquake drills never had sound fx. the teacher just yelled "what do you do if there is an earthquake? go!"

i loved fire drills. it was that much less time in class! plus i don't ever remember having one in crappy weather.

Stacy said...

WHy on earth would they put the kids through a drill in that kind of weather??? Honestly! I think even here in Seattle they do it on nice days - and our chances of crappy weather are slightly higher than yours. Go figure!
Sorry you went through that.

ShelahBooksIt said...

that's so mean! I'm sorry that you had to deal with that.