Saturday, April 29, 2006

Shhhh, I'm not on the computer...

"mom, why are you always on the computer?"

"Well, that is how I talk to some of my friends."

"you have friends in the computer? Is that why you are playing games all the time?"

I've been outted, and by my 5 year old Harry who hasn't watched a blink of TV for the whole week. I thought it would be good for all of us. I started it with good intentions of turning everything off as soon as he got up. This blasted computer called to me the second he was at school, and kept it's pan singing until he got home. I'm happy to report Harry passed with flying colors. He went to a skate party with Big D, he played outside every single day, and he resisted all urges of PBS kids. A+

Chilly splurged in the occasional Jurassic park movie while Harry was at school, and mommy was on the treadmill. But he played and he ran, and he even didn't feel that well. But I have to admit, he passed....B+

Big D. Oh the ever confident daddy. I don't think he once turned on the TV, maybe to watch the weather...The laptop, well that is another story. However in his defense, he only did it after Harry was in bed, or, of course, when he was at work. And then I'd really expect him to work on his computer. Still passing, but barely at a C-.

Me, well I flunked royal. Yup, this dumb keyboard, and the stupid yahoo games. That is all I'll say. Unfortunately, best intentions aside, I give myself an F. FAILURE to turn off the computer. And every time Harry was out of the room, I turned the TV on too....Just for noise, and the fact that I wasn't banned from it.


Stacy said...

If you left the computer out of the mix Chris would pass with enough extra credit to get even ME through!

I am addicted to the computer AND some TV shows.

I agree with you about the noise as well... just somehow helps, doesn't it?

But way to go Harry!!!

big d said...

c-?!?! i have to use the computer at work!!! i didn't do that much e-mailing, or gaming. i should have at least got a solid c!

Rachelle said...

Hi. My name is Rachelle and I am a computer addict.