Thursday, October 05, 2006

Do you want to have a discussion?

We live in perilous times, that is for certain. Whether or not you agree with me on my religious front, or not, you must agree that our world is vastly changed morally from what it was 20-30 years ago. You must also agree that something big is coming.

Now with all due respect to my last post, this isn't personal. Knowledge can be dangerous. Knowledge can be frightening. But how many of us want to turn a blind eye to what is really going on? How can we protect our families?

Our Prophet encourages us to have at least a year supply of food. I agree, and in fact, I plan on working on mine more earnestly. We have been taught to become more self-reliant, to garden, to can, to learn to sew. Baking bread, using our food storage. Do learning these things make us a super mom? I disagree, these are things that are going to keep our children fed during a time when food may be scarce. And I don't' think a major tsunami is going to wipe out our food supply. But how could food in the most powerful country ever become scarce?

Consider this...War with Iraq. As everyone knows, but not everyone agrees, we went to war on a lie. Our great nation is in the middle east for some other reason rather than terrorists. Do you have any idea what this would be? Money or ...Oil maybe?

Consider this...Oil reserves in this country peaked in the 1970's. Does anybody remember those history lessons about the long lines and gas hoarding? What happens when oil production peaks? Well, it goes down hill. Isn't it strange that we don't drill in our own country anymore? Isn't it strange that we rely heavily on imported oil?

Consider this...Our government put us at war with an oil rich country on purpose, our goal is not democracy, but domination.

Are you scared yet?

This my friends is that red pill. That moment of discovery. And it doesn't end with the thought of conspiracy theories that make you go hmm. For a while now, I have been on a path that makes me question our own government in it's official explanation of the 9/11 attacks. I've already swallowed that red pill, and I know many people have. It is out there, easy for anyone to find.

But I feel I've only scratched the surface. this is the real catch.

How many of us gritted our teeth when gas shot up to over $3.00 a gallon? But how many of us demanded an explanation from our federal government? Did the recent price jump set us off talking about hybrid cars and alternative fuels?

Consider this...Not only are we completely dependent on oil for transportation, we are dependent on oil for production. From processed foods, to plastic, to electronics, to electricity. Fossil fuels provide our entire spectrum of energy. No matter if you heat your home with natural gas, or electricity. Our fossil fuels are peaked or will peak soon. We are on the very edge of a global disaster. And being the most powerful country in the world, we have a reason to fear the most.

Our economy will crumble. Not only will we be unable to get food to our table, we will be unable to grow food without the pesticides and fertilizers derived from our petroleum products. Our farm equipment will fail. Our factories will close. The industrial age will be over, and back to the dark ages we go. And that isn't even the worst case scenario.

So, you don't believe me. Surely our government would tell us about this. If there is anything I encourage more, it is to find out for yourself. With any question, with any problem, there are resources out there. And it is a whole lot easier than doing that report in 6th grade. Just do some looking on line.

So what do you think?


Anonymous said...

this is what the prophets are prearing us for. this is what will leave the u.s. constitution haning by a thread. this is what will spawn the wars culminating in the appocolypse. this is what we have to look forward to in preparation for the second coming.

if our current attitudes don't change, our country is screwed!

big d said...

there was a good article that summed up a lot of this information, including a great comparison between cuba and north korea. (the other side of the cuba story link you had.) it can be found at:

as out of our comfort zone as the cuban solution sounds, it's a lot better than the millions of prople starving to death like in north korea!

i know i'm ready to ramp up our food storage, as well as next spring's gardening efforts!

Stacy said...

This is a great reminder to not sit back and expect the $ and food to always be there. I have a decnet food storage but definately need to work on it.

Thanks for the reminder!