Saturday, October 14, 2006

meet baby number 3

we did it. We decided to peek. After two surprises at birth, we decided to look to see what gender we are going to be blessed with.

This one looks like the baby already has a preference for thumbs.

Here we are with a look at the general cozy-ness of the womb. Good thing the kid is flexible. future gymnist?

And here is the between the legs shot, and as you can clearly see, this one has external plumbing! clear as day...well, clear as static tv.

And the freebe that they did for us. 3d ultrasound (or is it 4d?) is really cool. You can totally see the babe sucking his thumb!

much to the delight of our family, here is boy number three, arriving sometime this winter.


scraphappymama said...

That is a fun 3d shot. I always look forward to the ultrasound. Congratulations on boy #3. You have your own new generation of the 3 Musketeers!!!

APRIL said...

Ultrasounds are crazy. I could figure out most of the pictures (even without the descriptions), but the first "boy" picture..... um, no. The second was better, but still wouldn't have known what was going on if you hadn't pointed it out. And what a cute thumb sucker! I haven't seen that happen yet, with the u/s or after.

Stacy said...

HOORAY for BOYS!!! I am so excted for this little guy! And how fun for the future family reunions when they are all playing with trucks, balls, and climbing trees! (maybe they'll be eating bugs or playing with dolls...?)
I LOVE little boys!

Rachelle said...

Boys are great! What awesome pics!

Lei said...

Wow - you got some really, REALLY nice shots!

amerimeximadre said...

how fun is that? congrats on the boy.