Monday, February 25, 2008

the weekend edition

harry took a test on saturday. it's for the gifted blah blah blah program at our school district. i'm curious as to what his results will be. is it bad that i was surprised that he even was chosen to be tested? not that i doubt his smartyness, it's just i always see gifted kids acting gifted. i guess i might just be too close to the situation to see it.

if his results come back that he is "gifted" i doubt we will put him in the different school. at least not right now. he is doing well at his school. especially with chilly starting in the fall, a move would just make things really complicated. and we like a bit of complication, just not that much.

my niece gave birth to a lil' girl. "lil" is subjective really. she was a whopping 9"2'. crazy? well since harry (my first) was 9'1", yes, it is crazy! i can't wait to see her. i'm hoping to give the new mom a bit of un-destracted mommy time before i get there. heaven knows she doesn't need me and all my "valuable" information butting in.

fussy hasn't slept well for several days now. it's making my running routine hard and disjointed. i finally decided to get some acidophilous and gripe water, mylicon, and teething tablets, ibuprofen and tylenol. i'm stocked up, i'm ready for tonight. if he doesn't sleep, we are all in deep trouble.

chilly did get over his pukies. he had a mild case on friday. which meant he slept through preschool. did you know how much i love preschool. well, i do. i think i love the 2 hours more than sleeping. almost. just because i can guarantee 2 hours of quiet at home, even if i am not able to sleep. i really love HIS preschool. he loves it too. he has sharing time on mondays. wanna know what he took. his skeleton costume. what did i see coming out of preschool? a skeleton running to the van. fun stuff. i was a bit embarrassed, then i realized he's just plain happy dressing up. don't' mess with a good thing you know. if he was dressing up as a princess, or a nudist, then i might have to stop him. but for now...

and i think we have about 10 dollars in overdue fines at the library. who'd of thought the "i love lucy" dvd's would be so dang hard to return. they aren't, unless i keep forgetting.

okay, so that's it. i've updated my bloggie. i'm waiting for pics of my great niece, but those will have to come later.

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