Tuesday, February 12, 2008

poor baby, poor mommy and daddy....

poor fussy is sick. has been. that is why i haven't blogged lately. i probably wouldn't have made any coherent sentances if i had tried. we've been a bit sleep deprived.

i think he is getting better though.

it doesn't get any easier the more kids you have. in fact, i think it gets harder. not only because you are in charge of more kids anyway, but that you really don't know what to do when they are sick, and you think you probably should have it down by now. and each kid is different. where one will be fussy and not eat with strep, the other one will get the pukeys. weird. kids are so weird. little bodies and no words to describe exactly what is wrong.

bless big d for staying home from work to take a bit of burden off me. i know he stayed home yesterday because he couldn't keep his own eyes open, but he helped out more than he knows.

so there we are. official diagnosis of fussy...some kind of virus. i am thinking he is on the mend. he actually has been eating and nursing for the first time in days.

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