Monday, February 04, 2008


it's that time of day. the time between homework, and daddy getting home. that wonderful time of day when kids are grumpy and mom is too. when diet coke doesn't even touch the headache that has been threatening all day, but which the 2nd grade math homework instantly freed.

big d has a new work schedule. and it's lame. he gets home almost an hour later than he used too. he leaves from work hopefully by 4:30, but he doesn't walk in through the door until 5:45 at least. later if it snows, if there is traffic, or if the sun is shining. i'm sure if he would drive to and from work, he could make it quicker, but he loves the bus.

i know most stay at home mom's do the same thing as me. "go see if daddy is home yet" just for a distraction. that has yet to work on the baby who seems extra fussy lately and wants mom to hold him all the time.

the wonderful hour of my life when i wish i could run away, or take a bubble bath and all my troubles would disappear like the diet coke.

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scraphappymama said...

i'm glad to know there is someone else as addicted to diet coke as i am. i swear it is what keeps me sane. that said, sorry "big d" has a new work schedule - it always is hard when dad is gone longer (as if the afternoon is not long enough already)