Tuesday, February 26, 2008

running interference

so i'm not really into football, but i do understand this concept. even more now that i have small kids. small moving kids. kids that are underfoot at all times. just today while i was cleaning my floors (for the second, and not last time today) my sweet baby kept moving to the place that i was trying to sweep. then he'd take the dust pan and swing it, spreading the cereal, crumbs and general debris all over. so i'd sweep again, grab the pan out of his hands, quickly scoop up the mess and throw the dust pan back at him before the tears started to fall.

it was the same with mopping, only he'd come over and sit on the mop. then chilly would complain that he wanted to help. so i gave him a mop. and then he would try to get to the mess before me and slam my mop away. don't you wish you had helpers like me?

it would take me much less time if my kids would leave me alone while i clean the house.

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