Thursday, February 21, 2008

just a thought

every story has a begining. just like that first page in every book. the problem is, we never are sure where the beginings are. sometimes you see something and think, "when did this happen?" or "when did my kids start doing that?" i guess i wasn't around for the actual begining of it. funny how it seems that all the interesting stories have muddy beginings. i mean, would you call the first time i saw big d the begining of our story, or the middle. do you take it from when each of us were born, or what? logically it would be the first date, but it might be more interesting to add the first time i saw him, or the first rehearsal.

i am trying to understand how you could be in the middle of a great story, only to not know it. by the time you might realize it, you've long past the begining and are halfway to the end. just as we have lots of stories unfolding arouund us, are we equally surrounded by small beginings. first pages in volumes of books.

even after the books are written, or the movies set on the shelf, sometimes another book is added to explain more of the begining. a prequell perhaps. we've seen it dozens of times. i guess we have a fascination with how things start. does the beginig have any importance? it may be the most boring part of the story, but it usually is the most human. most true beginings were made by someone making a decision. a person doing something almost completely unremarkable. hence the situation of trying to figure out the true commencement.

we could get really philosiphicall and start reasoning that everything goes back, wether you believe that God created all, or that we came from a small explosion of matter. we could also go the whole "chicken or the egg" thing, which, you got to admit, is pretty interesting. take it back to the very start. we read in the bible "in the begining there was darkness..." but even then, at the first of the first, we know there must have been more, there must have been something else. some other start of that start. everything is just tied together, like some huge domino design, falling very quickly around us, and pushing off other starts in different directions.

that was my thought anyway.

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