Thursday, May 29, 2008

gradumation time

it's that time of year, the grass is growing, the trees have leaft, the summer is almost here. and there are graduates everywhere.

my niece is included in that. does it make me feel old that my niece is graduated from high school? nah, not really. okay, maybe a bit. but in a good "i'm so very mature kind of way"

it was a fun ceremony. and in "fun" what i mean is long and boring. par for the course of graduating. since it has only been 12 years since i walked across the stage, it brought up a lot of silly memories. but that is another post for probably another day. a day i'm sure i will probably forget all about.

and to my niece...

there are a lot things and advice that people can give you, there are a lot of choices you get to make. in my experiences (take that for what it's worth) the best choices that i made, are the ones that i made with my heart and gut. don't let someone else think you into something, just because it might be "the best thing for you to do". don't be scared that you are going to make a wrong choice, because you will, it's just a matter of time. just make a decision. and then go with it. life has a way of working itself out.

i love you girl! you are the kid that i used to babysit, who would take the stools and move them so you could get the cookies on top of the fridge. you were that crazy kid that figured out the vcr so you could watch movies at ease. you were that silly kid who dressed up like jean luc picard and named us all the crew of the enterprise.

you are amazing, and can do anything! congratulations and good luck on the next phase of life!

hugs and kisses,
auntie meemer

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