Monday, January 05, 2009

1600 miles

and change.

i'm too lazy to add it all up again, and the scrap of paper i wrote it on is lost. i probably threw it away. anyway, 1600 miles was how many miles i ran in 2008. i am making a note of it, because i'm going to run even more this year. i know, i'm so tempting the fates for something like knee surgery, or a broken ankle, or *gasp* losing another toenail. (and ya know, that toenail thing really hurt!)

seriously though, that 1600 miles saw me through a lot of crap. a lot of mental therapy that i didn't have to pay a dime for...well, except new shoes, band aids, ibuprofen, and maybe some cute running skirts. that is a lot of time away with my thoughts, and a lot of time to work through my problems, without yelling at anyone. except maybe the stupid stray dogs.

and while i am not making any new years resolutions, nor goals, nor anything that sounds like either one, i'm still running. every. day. it's like a sickness. only worse, because when you are sick, you can go to sleep for a week or so and get better, but with running, you gotta go out and run to feel better. it's doing something, rather than letting the world do something to me. it's being in charge, and kicking some one's can all over the place.


Shelah said...

whoa Nelly! 1600 miles! That's a lotta miles, lady! I think you probably ran even more than I did!

Angela said...

wow. i'm recommitting right here and now. thank you.

lyn said...

Wow! That's a lot of miles. Definitely time for new shoes :)

Anonymous said...

wow!! Makes me want to go back and keep track for all of 2009! I better go look and start writing it down!

big d said...

i told you you'd double me up! I just did the math on the train this morning. my 2008 total? 700 miles. so you way more than doubled me!

you're my hero! (no seriously!)

Megan said...

Holy crap, lady. You are amazing! I love that you kick people's can all over the place.