Friday, January 16, 2009

i've had a lot on my mind lately. i've been brooding over several blog posts, most of which are angry, frustrated rants about people that do stupid things. i just can't make sense enough of my feelings to get them down. they sort of all swish into each other in one big emotional hot tub. like a tepid bath of body filth. and while i do think it is cathartic to get it out of me and onto this lil' ol' blog, i'm not sure i want to.

lets just say this:

i hate harry's teacher: really. and i don't really hate people. people annoy me or frustrate me. but i loathe her. she is an evil and vile woman. who needs to wax her upper lip and her eyebrows. how she can even see is a mystery to me.

so there. insert my tongue sticking out picture here.


Megan said...

You make me laugh. I'm sorry Harry's teacher is such a pitb though. That really sucks. Want me to send her some hate mail?

The black sheep A.K.A Pandora said...

well bert and erine have one eyebrow and look were they are now. Still on seseme street sharing an apartment neither of them married. LOL hey cuz if you don't like Harry's teacher, your well within your parental rights to change him to another class. If she is that bad, maybe you should consider it. For real, it's inportant that you like and trust the person who is responable for your child while your not there. If she's offended or starts anything, make sure you document everything she says and does.A rotten teacher doesn't deserve to have an awsome kid like Harry in her class, he is a privlage to know, and teach. Thats how a teacher should feel. Love you.

Tim and Vicky Porter said...

I felt that way about Skyler's 1st grade teacher! She was AWFUL!!! Hang in there honey and get him out of that class! Love ya!