Thursday, January 01, 2009

i totally win, happy 2009

my sister in law gave me an award for my blog. i'm not big on awards, meaning i don't get many, so i'm feeling a lot of love here.

this is what she wrote about my blog:

"I love the variety of this blog. Meemer isn't afraid to express how she feels, good or bad. Not only is she a good writer, but her posts always include an interesting perspective on the topic, no matter how simple."

nice huh? i have to admit, i felt pretty darn good about it. especially seeing that my bloggy is just a "thing" i do. it has changed a lot over the 3 years that i have been doing it. yeah, i know, 3 YEARS. that is a lot of posts, and a lot of bad writing.

i just want to thank her for making my day brighter. and for being her. she really is an amazing person. not only is she vastly cooler than me (i know!) but she has put up with a lot of stuff in her life. she deserves more of a prize. maybe i should make a bloggy award for people who are amazing? maybe next week, i got a lot going on here in the new year.

speaking of the new year...

i'm not making any resolutions. not because i think i'm perfect. far from. but because i think making a resolution is a recipe for failure. only that you either succeed or fail. you can't sort of stop swearing. or almost stop drinking coke. or pretty close to loosing 20 pounds. you either do it or you don't, right? so i am not going to be doing any of those things. then when i actually do them, i can totally be amazed at my awesomeness. i think it's brilliant!

and was it just me who thinks 2008 shorted us on a month or two. i know 2 weeks from october are missing, but seriously? it cannot be 2009! do you know what that means? it means that my baby turns 2 in just a few weeks! how the hell is that possible. i swear i just pregnant!

and for big d, just because i know he will laugh at this:


sweetpea said...

Well, I agree with her! I have always enjoyed reading your posts. Happy New Year, and congrats!!

grandmaj said...

Mom said
Ilove to read your blog, you make me laugh, smile and somtimes think. You should be a writer. I agree that fussy cann't be going to be two, he is a handful but so cute.

Laurel said...

Your blog really does rock. Oh, and I hear ya on the resolutions thing. Woulda helped if you posted this BEFORE I made my goals. :)

Thanks for being the cool big sister I never had.

big d said...

i hope you had a great festivus too!

The black sheep A.K.A Pandora said...

your blogs are awsome! you deserve more than an award! You need ice cream!

Megan said...

I'm relatively certain that your blog puts most other blogs to shame. I <3 you and your blog.