Tuesday, January 06, 2009

hmm, that didn't come out right

i sometimes think all of my interent friends can hear me talking. that they can tell by the tone of my voice what i am meaning to say.

the truth is, they can't.

i've been re-reading some of the things i've been posting here on this blog, and i think i might be coming across as a bit boastful. in my head, the way i type, the way i read it to myself, i think i am just stating what is going on. i mean, i know that i am nothing spectacular, or that my running miles, nor pushup prowess is not that great. nor am i an amazing blogger who has lots of friends.

actually, i'm feeling a bit isecure right now thinking that people are reading this and saying that i am amazing. in either a sarcastic tone, or incredulous, or even honest to goodness wowness. i mean really, i'm not. i don't know why i have blogged these things. maybe just because i have nothing else in my life to blog about? maybe because i was thinking about it? i'm not sure, but please don't go thinking that i mean it in a "i'm so cool" kind of way. cuz i'm not.

so then i guess i am second guessing myself. i do that a lot. sometimes i will go over conversations i had and try to understand what was all meant. or sometimes i try to see what the other side probably thought i meant. i am not very good at getting my point across sometimes. and sometimes i totally put my foot in my mouth and say the wrong thing. and the bad part is when i do that, and i dont' even realize i said something horrible until i have these freak out sessions hours later. what do you do then?

well, in blogdom, i come here and try to re write some things. or i delete things. or i foolishly try to figure out what all the comments mean. and if i haven't got any comments, THEN i really go crazy.


lyn said...

Crazy yet?

Meemer, you rock!! tone on the internet is tough, but eh, keep writing. seriously. don't read anything into my comment :)

The black sheep A.K.A Pandora said...

dude, you are awsome! You should be boastful,you accomplish a lot and should be proud of it. I look back on my blogs and I date so much I look like I'm a rockstar when in essence, I'm a dork who's affraid to commit to anyone. lol. plus anyone who knows you well enough knows what you mean and how you mean to say it.

Anonymous said...

I think you are great. I love your blog. You say what you feel and you don't apoplogize for it. I find that refreshing. And as far as running and tracking the miles, I think that is awesome. And because of your last post I'm keeping track in 2009 just b/c I'm curious LOL

Laurel said...

Not to be an echo or anything, but I think you're awesome too! I have never felt like your posts are boastful. You're just sharing the sweet things in your life, and we're lucky to be able to read about them.

Megan said...

Now see, if you were really prideful and boastful, I'd write something like this: "Keep your trap shut, you boaster, eh?" Pretty much I mean what I say. And I <3 you. The end.

Goat Girl said...

I think you're cool and I don't lie. At least not about stuff like that.