Monday, October 05, 2009


our chickens have decided to slow down on the laying right now(kinda like my blogging). i get maybe one or two a day, which is pretty bad production. i actually had to buy eggs at the grocery store the other day.

when i cracked them open to make puffy pancakes on sunday, this is what i saw:

that is a store egg, and a fresh from our chicken egg. the biggest difference is the color. the store egg is so pale yellow, it looks kinda sickly. our fresh egg is nice and orange, like it's supposed to be. there are other differences, the store eggs shell is really easy to pop open, i always break them by accidentally sticking my thumb through them. our chicken egg shells are tough. they need more force to break them, and to pry them open. the yolks are different. the store bought eggs yolks break open easily, while it takes a bit to break the fresh egg yolks.

i thought it was interesting to see them side by side. i really like getting fresh eggs. we've been so spoiled by having them since spring. if our chickens follow what they've done in years past, they will pick up production for a few weeks, and then they will take the winter off. it's always so much fun to find that first egg of the season, and it's always sad to check the coop and find nothing there.

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Laurel said...

my mom gets fresh eggs. i'm jealous. they really are so much better.