Monday, January 04, 2010

there are days

yesterday was one of those days. i tweaked my back at church, overheard a new rumor about me, sat by myself, dealt with grumpy kids. i burned my favorite treat. i felt invisible, envious, childish, and sad.

days like that are the ones that make you want crawl into a hole, or start drinking.

today is a different day. even though my back is still bugging me, and my eyelids are droopy, and the sun is still not out, at least it's january. and the longest month of the year. we only have something like 12 more weeks of gross winter left. only 12. it could be worse, it could still be december.

i need some sunshine.


Hailey said...

You need a big ol' piece of chocolate cake! That's the best way to get through the winter! (Incidentally, I really am pregnant but I was still a little offended when two people asked if I was during the 1st. tri. I mean, who does that??

Laurel said...

I'm sorry. days like that are no fun. i'm right there with ya, watching for the sunshine....

Katie said...

I'm sorry. I hate that. I think weather really affects you. When I read your blog during the winter time - it really makes me think twice about ever moving back to Utah. But actually, nevermind cause I think it was warmer in Salt Lake than it was in Memphis yesterday. So, winter just sucks. I'm most sad about your burned treat and stupid church gossipers. I hope that the sun comes out.. tomorrow, tomorrow... sorry. :-)

Lisa Curtis said...

A new rumor at church? Nice. Isn't it funny how the people who are supposed to lift you up are usually the ones who are the meanest?
It's January......holla!!

big d said...

what's that sound?

clique clique clique

ah... glad I'm not in relief society! I may not fit in with the elders, but at least they don't say things about me. (that I can hear...)