Wednesday, January 20, 2010

health care

i've been thinking about health care. big d and i are again doing some healthy challenges this year. and again, we are trying to eat much healthier, no sugar etc. fussy went to the dr. 2 days last month for fear of a broken arm. the boys seem to be doing better and not getting as sick...yet. so heath and health care is on my mind.

since i don't know anything, i really don't think i'm qualified to stick up my own option. i mean, i know everyone has their opinion about what they think will work. and a lot of those opinions don't include a government run program. or at least, the opinion that i hear most is very upset at the idea of "socialized" medicine.

i'm not a socialist. i'm not a republican. i don't know what i am. i do know that i get upset when people start complaining that they are going to do anything for anyone else. i find myself wondering where our responsibility lies when we complain about anything that helps out other people.

anyway, i found this chart, and i thought it was very enlightening.

the problem as i see it, too many people don't want to change. they see the way we've done it for years, and don't want to worry about how to make it different. we are comfortable with the way it works, even if that means our neighbors can't pay out of pocket for insurance, and thus suffer/die/go bankrupt.

we need to step out of our comfort zone, and look at the big problem. no, maybe what is being proposed isn't the best answer, but it sure beats what we have now. we need to stop listening to political rhetoric and propaganda, and start learning the facts. what needs to change, and what will change, and what we want to change don't always line up. wouldn't it be awesome if it did?

and that is all i'm going to say about that.

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big d said...

Not only do people not want to change, they are just lazy. Not willing to ask what a procedure costs, or whether a test is necessary. they let the insurance companies do it for them. insurance then does everything their lawyers tell them they have to to cover their liability. insurance isn't all bad, the drug companies are playing us all like deep pocketed morons.
unfortunately, since "we the people" do nothing, our government tries. of course they fail because there are two rival gangs fighting each other rather than looking at issues. if any healthcare legislation passes, it will be watered down and completely ineffective. (though knowing politicians, it will make a lot of money for big insurance and drug companies!)