Thursday, January 28, 2010

3 years ago

some little known facts about fussy...

came on his due date. even though i was walking around the walmart at 10 am that day, cursing under my breath, and happily telling everyone that it was my due date. he still decided to show up

was born on my mom's birthday

loves pickles

has a fear of spiders. or bugs. he screams like a girl when he sees one.

has an opinion on everything, from what pajamas he wants to wear, down to what juice is the best.

hates the bathtub with a passion

can sing the tune to "indiana jones"

really into airplanes

loves dollars
enjoys getting out of the house and going to stores, until we get there and then begs to go home

rode over 300 miles in the jogger last year

favorite thing to say "i'm sick, i need a vitamin..."

favorite meal is buh-buh-bar (aka granola bar)

acts shy around everyone, until he warms up. he can talk your ear off

loves staying up late

loves sleeping in late

doesn't love his own bed

hates the dog

happy birthday my big 3 year old


big d said...

i love my little buddy! such a personality... i can't believe he's 3!

Laurel said...

happy bday fussy! what a sweet kid.

Flutterbug said...

I loved this.... Happy Birthday to Fussy!! I didn't realize our little ones were so close in age.

One Crazy Family said...

Happy birthday Fussy!
We love you!

Megan said...

Happy Birthday! He is so dang cute! I love all the ones of him sleeping in random positions. And I can't believe he's 3! Crazy!