Wednesday, January 06, 2010

my thoughts on friends

i've been praying for a really long time for friends. good friends. like the kind of friends you have in high school. or the kind of friends i had in high school. the kind that call you up and you can talk to for hours. you can get together whenever, and still act silly. i miss having those friends. i have missed it for a long time.

then, one day, i stopped myself and looked around me. i do have those friends. i've just been so involved with my own life for so long. i've spent 11 years trying to get pregnant, having a new baby, or involved in sleep deprivation, that i haven't been able to see my hand in front of my face. sometimes, all you need is a wake up call.

i recently reconnected with one of my best friends from high school. i had lost her for 12 years, she was one of those people that really had an impact on me. she changed my life for the better, because of her example. she was real and wonderful. and i really missed her. thanks to facebook, she is back in my life. it feels good.

another best friend called me up, out of the blue. it was refreshing to remember growing up, having fun, being silly, and all that came with that. it was nice to know that she understands now what i've been going through. it was even more nice to hear her laugh and feel that kind of warmth.

i also have my sister. even though we don't always get along the best, i love hanging out with her. she is fun and she supports me in everything. she loves my kids. she understands a lot.

i can't forget my mom. she always knows when i need a phone call, or a hug. she can be at my house at the drop of a hat when i have an emergency, and she talks me down when i get upset. she offers advice based on love. sometimes i don't want to hear it, but it's always there for me

my sister in law is there for me in a different way. when i don't understand family things, she is right there with me. i don't know if she knows what it has meant to me to have someone that is understanding as she is. someone who is as forgiving as she is. she also reminds me of how i want to be, and how i want my future to be.

besides me family and "irl" friends, i have a multitude of angels who listen, offer advice, make me laugh, and keep me going throughout the day. i would be lost with them, and what they add to my life. our combined life experiences are invaluable.

for years, i've been looking for my friends, when really, they've always been there. i am so blessed to be able to have so many women who care about me. i am so thankful. i'm literally surrounded by friends, and it makes me happy.


Mike and Deb said...

Meemer I LOVE YOU!!!!!!!

Trisha said...

Is that Debbie? THE DEBBIE!!!??? I'm just looking at her picture and I think it is. SHe's a hottie

okay, i digress. what i meant to say was your thoughts touched my heart. i think in a lot of ways, i've felt lonesome and lost for friends at times in my life when i really should have just picked up the phone and called you, or my mom, or sisters or... you know.

hopefully i won't have to keep re-learning that lesson and can just but it to practice in my life!

p.s. i went to pilates again. shameless, i tell ya, shameless :)

One Crazy Family said...

Love ya Sis
you are my best friend and I love hanging out with you!

oh and by the way

Happy Birthday to you, Happy Birthday to you Happy Birthday to the best sister in the world, Happy Birthday to you-

At least tomorrow when it is your birthday!!!!

Laurel said...

i heart you. really good post. i'm glad you have so many awesome people in your life-- you deserve it.

grandmaj said...

Happy birthday to you and have a great day. I always love to read your blog , it keeps me humble . It is ao great you have found Deb she is a great person and it is good to see you smile at having found her. Love mom